Jonnie Java Roasters



Freshly Roasted Beans in Stock:

Brazil * Costa Rican * Colombian * Guatamalan * Honduras * Mexican *

Ethiopian Djimmah * Ethiopian Guji * Ethiopian Yirgacheffe * Indian Monsoon Malabar *

Java Island * Kenyan * Rwandan * Tanzanian Peaberry *

Jonnie Java Special Blends:

Fancy Nancy * Jonnie Love * Rain Forest * Salsa Seduction * 

Decaf Swiss Water Process Beans * 100% Chemical Free *

Brazil * Colombian Supremo * Peru *

Decaf Fancy Nancy Blend crafted with South American Beans *

Beans may be purchased in 1/2 lb or 1 lb bags with roast dates on the bags.

From Bean... To Roast... To You...  Thank you. Merci.

Jonnie Java Roasters is a proud supporter of the following local charities:

Greener Village * Victory Meat Turkey Drive * Camp Rotary *

Fredericton Community Foundation *

95 York St., Fredericton, NB.  506.455.1711

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MON - FRI:  7:15 - 3:30 ish



Walking into Jonnie Java Roasters your senses are over stimulated with the intense aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

On site roaster of Arabica Beans sourced from many countries in the coffee world.

Daily roasts of beans grown in the rainforests of Brazil, harvested in the mountains of Africa, dried in the sun from the mystical land of India, picked on small coffee plantations in the archipelago of Indonesia,

and coffee beans from countries in between.

The coffee experience at Jonnie Java’s allows you to choose any freshly roasted bean,

have it ground and prepared into a coffee of your choice.

Paired with a tasty local sweet: Cinnamon Bisquits: Chocolate Chip Dipped Oat Cakes: Bear Paws:

Ginger Sparkle & Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies & Banana Bread.

Gourmet chocolates also available.

On the menu at Jonnie Java.

Americano * Cappuccino * Flat White * Macchiato *  Latte *

Maple Latte * Mocha Java Latte *

Teas * Chai Lattes *

Fluffy Cloud Coco: Jonnie makes the best, velvety, creamy hot cocoa :)